Monday, September 10, 2012

running for life

Well, this weekend had its ups and downs. I just started to get back into the groove of working out. My lungs are almost back to their norm after the pneumonia. I went running around a track at my kids school, and ran for an entire 20 minutes without stopping which is 10 more then I have ever done before. I felt amazing and tired afterwards. It is such an amazing feeling to me, because I have never been a runner nor had any desire to go run before. But now it is all I want to do!!
But the weekend was a bust food wise. I threw a surprise going away party for a dear friend of mine. The food that we served was delicious and so bad for me. And the worst part, we had leftovers. I did not eat a great dinner tonight. I also had like 10 margarita cupcakes this weekend. Shame. I gained back the only 2 lbs I have been losing lately. I cannot get past 132 lbs. I am hovering between 132 and 134. It sucks and is discouraging. I think I am in that rut, and I am going to have to up my game to get out of it and lose the remaining 7-9 lbs left.
But as I was going through my DVDs to try and find the case for the DVDs I found Hip Hop Abs, level 2 and that excited me. So for the past 2 days I have done that work out, which was a killer and I felt it afterward. And to add to it today I did zumba flat abs with I felt like I did a decent work out.
Tomorrow I think I will go run and then do another work out in the afternoon, since I will be staying home and just focusing on cleaning.
I am also so very excited because I just ordered the zumba exhilarate DVDs and I cannot wait until I get it, so I can do some intense training. My goal is to really get on it, and then eventually take a zumba class to become an instructor. Then my job can be to work out and get fit!
Starting tomorrow I am going to really watch what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I am nursing less (Calebs choice) and so I need to make sure I am balancing it more now. And I think I will try to get in two solid work outs a day...even if one of those 2 work outs are only 20 minutes long.
On family vacation, I also plan to super charge my work outs. Running at the beach and doing my DVDs at the same time.
I am just excited that I have my lungs back, and the endurance I have missed. But most importantly I am beyond glad that I have gotten my motivation and excitement to work out/run back! I have missed it.

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